Eco-friendly Bamboo Stick Mascara Wand

Eco-friendly Bamboo Stick Mascara Wand

Eco-friendly mascara wand with bamboo handle

Disposable brushes with plastic stick waste lot's of plastic, and the non-degradable plastic brings more and more harm to our enviroment. It's time to use eco-friendly disposables to protect our earth.

Eco-friendly mascara wand made of bamboo stick, and packed in recyclable bag.

  1. Bamboo handle is biodegradable, so it has no harm to enviroment.

  2. Meanwhile, bamboo grow fast, use it properly will not destruct the vegetation.

  3. Can pack them in paper bag or box which is also biodegradable.

  4. If you do need plastic bag, PP bag is recyclable.

It's veryone's duty to do our best to protect the enviroment and earth, let's start with a small step with using eco-fridendly applicators.

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