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Clear weak makeup tips

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Clear makeup 14 Step


First select cream the lard for a smooth layer of protective film on the skin, moisturizing the skin but also fills the pores, make you next BB cream better away.


Select clear coated BB cream in the face of high point, fingers gently pushed and then beat, creating a water run full of muscle mass.


Oily skin beauty needs this step up to fix results, use light oil control loose powder and Pat in the t-zone section, using the remaining powder flapping around.


Finger dipped in Pearlescent color highlighters, position of the nose straight paint.


Choose professional eye concealer, then in the lower eyelid area along the curve gently, using finger remaining on the cover concealer in the position of the upper eyelids gently. Professional Concealer Eye moisture than normal concealer without wrinkles.


With a Pearlescent highlight fluid below the brow brush, fingers gently around the small opening so that facial features would be more solid there is a God.


The eyebrows with eyebrow brush to sweep, and then with gray or brown eyebrow pencil from the northern peak of the next outline eyebrows and head tilted 45 ° fill the entire eyebrow, looks natural as possible.

Clear weak makeup tips


Find a medium eye shadow brush, dipped in white eye shadow shading at the orbital, and makes follow-up eye shadow color.


Use the white eye shadow eyeshadow brush on the remaining end of the lower eyelid SUMI, and order from back to front, to just below the eyes.


Then select a Light coffee color eye shadow to find double eyelid folds, SUMI up roots from eyelashes eye shadows, within range of double eyelid folds.


Find Brown false eyelashes, cut out for their length, then paste the forceps-assisted in the root of the eyelash eyeliner on.


Last choice under the Japanese Brown false eyelashes, tail of the left lower eyelid 0.1cm paste carefully, can afford to Eyelash root out.


Finally, choose the light pink blush, horizontal blush brush dipped from the top of the cheekbones towards the direction of the temples after angle brush and Sumi bags under the eyes to the next location.

How clear makeup? editor above already introduced for everyone, I believe that clear weak girls how to have some understanding of it. To sum up, ladies and girls who dislike cumbersome makeup, but fear that without makeup don't like, so we girls can try this clear make-up make eyes light up in public, but to achieve such results, be sure to understand the above clear makeup 14 Step, this is the way of makeup.