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Fresh and vibrant student makeup 4 ways to create

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Base makeup

1, first of all, shall not have thin of skin, the cream must not be saved not only skin care can also make makeup more docile, the better.

2, the school constantly running about in the Sun, so sunscreen at least SPF15 to be used, based on the length of exposure time to improve my sunscreen multiples, nor too, plenty of sunscreen in order to achieve the desired effect. Remember that Sun damage to the skin is not reversible!

3, good quality for young girls, makeup can be used less. Foundation of school going to be thin enough to breath, dipped in a small amount of Foundation applied to the center of the face. If you feel the brush push the uneven, you can use the universal cotton.

4, tender pink lips are magic. Every night thick a layer of lipstick can make your lips in the morning more supple, and rub off dead skin. Then it is better to use a colorless lip balm, tinted lip balm contains many pigments, deposition.

Eye makeup

1 focus, eyebrows follow natural brow shape of color than hair color light first, featured gray, Brown, black.

2, eye makeup using only two colors, not many, are as natural as well as to bring the water, suitable for everyday travel. Use light brown eye shadow along the eyelash root hints of Jet-Black, remember that dizzy edge, eye draw out a small figure, that is, we often hear the outer v.

3, then use a pale pink or light colored eye shadow with a Pearl (white and pale earth tones can be) applied to the eye, SUMI.

4, residual powder on the brush in the eye just above the eyes, looked more energetic.

5, this eyeliner is different is in the eye of an eye liner, seen from afar with a feeling of false eyelashes. Painting is itself parallel to the upper eyeliner to draw a line, and then after the eye connected to the one-third where the original liner.

6, and then is caught on the eyelashes and mascara, and remember to painted lower lashes, technique is z.

Fresh and vibrant student makeup 4 ways to create


Finger pad, Apple muscle (the place to drum up is laughing), then use the finger dizzy. If the finger is not convenient, the sponge is still sharp. Blush must be 1.1 point, enough overlap, many will want monkey butt.

Lip gloss

Final lip color it lightly is to choose the natural course of youth. Deal with effects so well that oily sheen lips, bold with a layer of tissue paper lightly printed on the lips absorb oil, then a layer of, once again, no shiny, color-saturated to perfection.