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Getting started: how to do the makeup and maintenance

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

How to do makeup and maintenance?

As modern developments continue to accelerate, people's living requirements are constantly increasing, and now people's image of themselves is quite high, so how about makeup, is also a good choice, and those who compare beauty is also a good thing, and because of this, makeup is good for everyone.

A, makeup before doing maintenance

Makeup must first clean the skin and do maintenance. Our suggestion is that you can use masks or, better yet, lamellar tearing-type mask, not muddy or paste paint mask, because such masks to skin adhesion good, not easy to clean, and is not intended to be used before makeup.

To the skin after doing maintenance, if you also worry that its due to moisture and easy oil, may wish to use of chilled dry towel on your face, it can immediately reduce the skin's surface temperature, allowing the pores, and would not have been so easily out of the oil, also reduces the appearance of makeup.

1, RIM-decoration

For circles, and more serious, we can choose the background color as pink, peach or yellow concealer, they can and eyes blue or green circle on Monday. If the eyes will soon turn brown when, you can use yellow color concealer so that results will be better.

If not very serious dark circles, there is no need to apply concealer, if from the inside to the eyeliner one-third where using a small amount of concealer can, can make the eyes look much bigger.

2, Foundation

For friends want to cover local defect, you can use Pearl decorated end of milk, then local concealer, Pearl bottom revealing at this time, to reduce the powder, because of Pearl with specular reflection effects, so you can also make fine lines hidden.

Because we want to build is a young energetic makeup, so after concealer, you might as well choose lighter than skin color, first base, and onto the t-zone, forehead and cheeks, this will create a three-dimensional sense of makeup, and then with a brush up and down around a circular decoration, Foundation to completely mix. Of course, you can also reconcile Pearlescent liquid Foundation decorated end of milk, which can increase the sense of brightness of the skin.

3, powder

We choose the light pink colour on top, so now and then and its colour closer or effect transparent powder, Pearl particles on the more delicate texture, the better, naturally a lot, and there are no obvious makeup.

Brush the powder from the cheekbone to the central to lateral spread, can not only enhance the icing, more elevated results. Finally, gently press the whole face with the Palm, more sheer makeup as a whole had been placed.