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Getting started: what makeup mistakes

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Girls want a perfect delicate makeup, but a lot of times is overexert, in other people's eyes were as surprised as masked t, which backfired because it's not what skills or products on the big issues, but several makeup mistakes let you lay down guns.

Makeup mistake 1: full face color

A Zhang face, in natural end of makeup of based Shang, a focus, let people photographic, is best of makeup capacity target, if excessive lusted after modified, will all parts are description of have strong exaggerated, is let people see looks at Halo, except put in stage Shang also into, once to has front, on only will let people think you forced excessive, seems in deliberately hide what, or explicit old or outdated.

Right approach is in the midst of your facial features you most satisfied or not satisfied with the place as a key makeup, it means, or satisfactory position strengthened, people ignore some of your face from the Visual shortcomings; or try to modify weaknesses, the overall pursuit of harmonious style. Christy Love red lips, is the former, and most people like to draw eye makeup was to look spirited and will cover a possible way.

Makeup mistake 2: silty too thick like a mask

We are in the pursuit of fashion magazine covers or female stars in blockbuster movies that flawless skin texture, and since the Foundation as long as the coating is thick on the line. Let us clarify, female stars out of the thick Foundation, but will have the light with the soft off the face of the particle becomes natural. If natural light during the day, thick makeup will only make people look like wearing a mask.

Makeup at the end of life or in the workplace must be natural, smear should not face equal but with thin and thick. Such as yellow color t-zone can be slightly thicker, and cheek "in the area" location of the skin, most reflecting skin texture should be thin, leaving pores and grain is not, that is the reality.

Makeup mistake 3: defective me zhe Zhe

There may be some who will ask, "that there are blemishes on my face?" We first need to understand that "natural" does not mean perfect, but rather a feeling that people feel close to and respected, small blemishes on your face if that freckle, health attitudes of sunburn may not care, but are those who have symptoms of swelling, or acne scars, was worth to get a lane.

Cover of this type of flaws if you happen to choose the Concealer, high moisture content may fit tightly with the skin, and the color has a harmonic effect, thus avoiding the thicker the coating, the coating is much more obvious, and finally burnt like PuTTY.

Makeup mistake 4: of cheeks, rustic

Blush is a good thing, if the Foundation had played pale cheeks, that it is restoring look sharp. But, can't play bad, it's easy to like Gao Yuanhong rustic.

In General, round-faced girl in order to avoid excessively cute or in villages in the baby, never on the  bone, to the mouth and cheekbones should be outside diagonally, visually will face shrinking. If the girl is face is very thin, so that again a too "dead" and "old", it should round blush on the cheekbones, add cute and mellow feel.