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Lipstick makeup how to prevent lipstick makeup tips

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Use lip balm or Chapstick base

Lip balm and Chapstick will not only keep your lips moist, painting them on the lips can also form an invisible layer of protective film to prevent lipstick makeup.

Within the lip line smear lipstick

Approach: first on the lips covered with a thin layer of loose powder (you can skip this step), and then with colorless or tinted lip liner to outline lips and lipstick was smeared on the range, so that lipstick won't overflow outside the lip, leading to flower makeup blushes. Stylists use lip liner and lipstick of the same color to enhance lip contour, everyday can be colorless or flesh colored lip liner instead.

If you hate the lip line

If you do not like to use lip liner, we'll teach you a way to prevent costly makeup: first film powder on the lips, lipstick, and SIP away. Repeat the procedure once, but the second will not have sipped away. Or for the first time after his opening with blotting papers or tissue paper lightly covered, will float on the surface of the stick of lipstick, and then apply again, can effectively avoid lipstick makeup Oh.