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Makeup tips on how to color eye makeup

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Color of eye makeup tips

Method one:

Step 1, first use the Pearly texture of beige eye shadow for the orbital base, covered the entire eye socket makes the eye naturally pinkish!

Step 2, in the head office painted pale purple eyeshadow on the eyes, probably range from the eye to above the pupil!

Step 3, then select a blue-green eye shadow on eyes spin on the tail is OK, pay attention to the natural transition between purple and blue-green!

Step 4, select a natural false eyelashes, place it in the root of Eyelash with tweezers clamping, and then gently press the glued.

Step 5, finally, nature in order for true and false eyelashes, mascara brush can them!

Method two:

Step 1, use eyeliner to eyes and lines painted, outer corner eye line straight to extend 0.3cm.

Step 2, SUMI silver eye shadow: with bright silver on the eye makeup, make icing.

Step 3, SUMI-green eye shadow: evenly in different shades of green in the eyes and make icing between the brow bone.

Step 4, finally, brighten with bright yellow paint in the corners, and green echo, the makeup as a whole feels more lively and more solid.

Makeup tips on how to color eye makeup

Method three:

Step 1, with delicate Pearly grains of pale yellow eye shadow area into the upper eyelid.

Step 2, Orange eye shadow painted on the upper eyelid near the end of eye 1/3, along the eyelid tight range apply purple eye shadow.

Step 3, using a black waterproof liquid eye liner along the lash roots draw eyes and a slender line, lines must be smooth.

Step 4, finally, with purple eyeliner along the lateral painted of black liquid eyeliner eyeliner, eye end stretch 5 mm.

Method four:

Step 1 choose 73 color eye shadow color, the color you want will be relatively easy to find, is used today as the standard four colors of eye shadow. Eye shadow base, then first, draw the outline of the former narrowly wide after the upper eyelids.

Step 2, 2nd color inside the eyelid fold dizzy, eye end up a little, and then in the 3rd eye eyes face SUMI, and lying of silkworm.

Step 3, finally, here is the thing, with 4th color, or Peach later began to paint his face from the eyes, eyes and tail on a connection. Eyeliner don't be too pompous, along with an eye-shaped thin a line. In order to create a sparkling big eyes, you can use false lashes gives the feeling, after glue false eyelashes, this eye makeup is complete.

Should pay attention to what color eye makeup?

1. Eye makeup does not dirty:

Eye makeup is the focus of the whole makeup, remember that overdo it, it's easy to make eye makeup look dirty. Prepare some small sequins, upgrades will make the whole party makeup.

2. blooming blush:

Blush shading to his eyes, aims to make the makeup look uniform. But if you were to attend an indoor party and relatively easy to flush, it must start to light.

3. decorative highlights of the lip:

Lip highlight Select yellow. Red match, can get unexpected results.