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New times: 8 tips

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

1, Foundation

For the Foundation, the most important thing is to suit your skin tone, or painted onto the face will look bad. So we will try at the time of purchase, and is best observed under natural light, can truly elect Foundation to suit your skin, Oh!, also note that when you purchase Foundation Foundation of docile and coverage does not meet our needs Oh!

Shang Foundation Qian, remember first shake a shake, so as not to has oil separation or precipitation of problem, can first in hand Shang extrusion Foundation liquid, then will Foundation liquid with finger dip Yu face Shang points five points, again with hands of middle finger and the ring finger, will face Shang of Foundation push uniform, also can using sponge, push uniform Hou again Shang a layer Foundation liquid, such of lasting sex and the cover force will more better, to special note corner, and Alar, and sent inter at whether has push uniform. If significantly uneven skin tone on the face, such as dark circles, acne, freckles, spot cream available cover to cover.

2, powder

Use a light dip powder puff, puff or in your hands, gently mix, rubbing each other, and according to the way, from the cheeks to the forehead and slowly press the Foundation on part of pressed powder.

3, eye shadow

If the powder eye shadow (cake), use eye shadow brush a small amount of eye shadow, painted in their sockets, and then layer after layer of eye shadow can make sense. If it is liquid or cream eye shadow, eyeshadow on the eyes with your hands folded, but Hou to radial eyeshadow push push. Since oriental eyes, most of the more bloated, recommended use light colored eye shadow, if you want to use, and we should try to draw in the eye fold, then use dark or light brown eye shadow pictures eye sockets, if there is no swelling of the problem without this limit.

4, eyeliner

Now, eyeliner eye liner, liquid liner and eyeliner and other products, but for the uninitiated, is better to use eyeliner. So what are the descriptive? first of all, we want to lift eyelids, tail from eye to eye then slowly draw out the right eyeliner. Note eyeliner as close to the lashes as possible, in order to appear more natural Oh!

New times: 8 tips

5, eyebrows

If eyebrows draw good, even half that makeup, eyebrows because the face is the first impression, so draw the eyebrows is very important. But a lot of people are painting their eyebrows, are more or less helpless feeling, and neither does the eyebrows, just do not know how to draw eyebrows.

Has a method can will on both sides of eyebrows repair of is neat, and symmetric, usually eyebrows of radian to than eyelid of radian slightly rose, by brow by corner inside began, has been to corner of outside side until Temple of place, measurement of way is with pen from nostrils bottom to corner outside side pulled a line, painting eye shadow Shi also don't over this article line, unless has special of makeup way.

Natural light eyebrows on eyebrows and thick, and the closer to the end of the eyebrow is thinner and thicker. Many people in eyebrows and the eyebrows corners Xia will has extra of miscellaneous hair, then will to is small heart to small scissors or repair eyebrow knife removal, if two eye of distance compared near, is to more repair off some eyebrows near of eyebrows, let eyes of distance eyebrow so near; also of skills, can let two eye distance too open of people, with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder will eyebrows near eyebrows some. When choosing a brow color, and hair color.

6, eyelashes

Many women should have been plagued with the painted eyelashes, how to naturally draws beautiful eyelashes? first, we would like to use the eyelash curler. Want out of the natural curvature must be divided into three sections to step by step Oh! and mascara can be used Oh! in addition, in the note to use mascara use Oh!

Eyes down see, will lashes brush took level, to z glyphs by Shang down, by Xia to Shang, will lashes cream by roots to tail average package covered coated Shang, as to more densely, can, slightly dry Hou again Shang once; and Xia lashes of Shang method, is will lashes cream took vertical, around mobile, will lashes cream coated Yu Xia lashes Shang, as has caking, with lashes comb comb open can.

7, blush

Blush is used to clear or to accentuate cheekbones, and decorated his face, right drawing Ruddy good health. Cheek painting, powder blush, is the cheekbones on the ears about a 45-degree angle at the surrounding brush, range is about eye peripheral lines and surrounding straight under the nose junction.

Less amount of blush, brush more than once more difficult to fail again, if there is too much blush, powder to reconcile. There are also creamy and liquid blush, finger points in the face, and then pushed by hand or with a sponge, the focus is on Foundation powder before you want to, although not easy to take off makeup, but difficult.

8, lipstick

In makeup, lipstick is a very important part, but need to draw the perfect lips and lip color is not an easy task. At the time of the Foundation must cover lip with a small amount of Foundation, and then to draw a clearer picture of lips.

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