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Preparation for Lash Extension Application

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Preparation is very important for a professional lash extension application, if you to be a professional beautician, you must start well at the very beginning, and do every steps carefully one by one.


1. Clean all your tools you going to use in eyelash extension and place them in location easy to rich.

2. Wash your hands.

3. Make sure you have enough light .

4. Check if your customer using contact lens if yes she need remove them for the time of the procedure.

5. Your customer must be in comfortable position laying on cosmetic bed.

6. Start out with a clean, fresh face and eyelashes. I'd recommend clean the face with non-oil cleanser.

7. Important: Do not curl your eyelashes before applying extension. The straighter your eyelashes, the easier you can bond with the glue. 

8. Determine how you are going to place your lashes,choose the sizes of the lashes you going to use and locate near you.

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