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Watch out! Remover is not complete skin five years older

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Beauty is human nature, make up almost every girl likes to do things. Their dress up, more charming, a girl willing to do most things. For makeup, however, the girls will know how to make myself beautiful, but for cleansing it, really bothers a lot of people problems.

Makeup is key to ensuring the healthy skin, if cosmetics are not completely clear, it's easy to clog MM skin pores, leaving skin can't breathe, acne, acne breaking out of its skin. MM was so amazed there is one more thing, this Remover not thoroughly over a long period, can lead to skin aging, premature aging for at least five years old!

How to remover, prevent premature aging of the skin? 99 Health Net edits below five elements of finishing the right makeup for you!

First, use cleansing milk (oily) don't be too stingy, effects are only enough to best!

MM all know, effective cleansing oil (milk) gold prices really suck, so some less demanding on the MM uses a small amount of cleansing milk or cleansing oil, think too much is wasted. In fact, a little bit of makeup products, and cannot fully cleansing, especially in key Remover sites, insufficient cleansing milk, massage may hurt the skin and thinning of the skin becomes sensitive, so no curing skin effect.

Full use of cleansing milk, residual makeup can be fully collapsed, you completely removes makeup, give the skin a smoother breathing.

Second, use cleansing oil remover, to emulsify before massage to fully collapse makeup residue.

Many MM's patience in a hurry, like cleansing oil directly to where you want to Remover massage effect, do think make-up residue out, but if you carefully look at the makeup of the skin, especially the pores still remain small residual makeup. In fact such residual makeup more damage to skin. Therefore, the first cleansing oil with a small amount of water, was fully realized by cleansing oil emulsification, Xining city, then coated in residue on the makeup and massage, so as to thoroughly clear makeup residue.

Third, makeup unclean surface, still clog the skin's pores.

Makeup, skin many MM now has a clean, so that you don't have to clean up, or in fact, if makeup is not cleaned, still will not clear the pores, makeup, using a cleanser to clean the skin, and can effectively prevent the skin from acne.

IV, Remover didn't have the power to appropriate, effort much easier to skin.

Many MM removing makeup with great strength, and will often use hand slapping skin, because they feel they can make cleansing milk and residual makeup to better neutralize, decomposition, makeup better. But in fact, this has backfired, that would only make skin vulnerable to long lines. So when you Remover must be gentle, cleansing milk from absorption.

V, lips, eye makeup remover, need to use special makeup supplies.

For key parts of the eye and lip make-up, and the skin is more delicate in both places, so the makeup around the eyes and mouth week should pay more attention, so use cleansing products should be spent in private. Eye and lip's sensitivity is also very strong, so use special cleansing milk can protect the skin, while preventing skin aging and prevent wrinkles.