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Difficulties Of Makeup

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Pouch processing

When make-up applied Foundation, bags under the eyes what to do with. If the pouch is not handled well, very likely is the color of chromatic aberration. So, in time for makeup, bags under the eyes must deal with. And the best way, is to make a neutral Foundation, then put a light layer of Foundation so that makeup results came out.

Eye makeup

Make important tools, eyes, makeup process, nature is the emphasis of all the difficulties. Pouch thing has been said above, there's eyebrow cut, eye shadow, eyeliner and other issues to deal with. Of course, since these are difficulties of makeup, 1:30 this is definitely does not say. So I put a series of ellipses.

Lip cosmetic

Makeup, lip techniques, in fact, as long as the note. Is lip gloss, absolutely not covered the whole mouth, so that will make your boyfriend, but their money, influence people's feelings. Therefore, lip makeup, lip gloss lip midway point, and just took a bit longer, there will be a miracle of makeup.