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Emphasis Of Makeup

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Foundation color choices

Makeup colors, makeup is one of the more important step. When in makeup, have to match Foundation color. In order to take care of her face, no matter how people are looking, should choose the color and the Foundation of his skin color. And then makeup. In addition, light makeup can be used on the forehead, nose; the middle color Foundation, can be applied to the entire face; dark Foundation: to modify the cheeks, Chin. In this way, makeup finished the primary school curriculum school.

Effect of Foundation

When makeup, foundations must be painted in a natural way. When drawing fill, color is not able to paint the outside, nor can not painted onto a blank spot. That's what it means. So when make-up applied Foundation, must pay attention to the hairline, ear lobes, and area, apply Foundation of natural beauty.