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In Three Minutes Fast Makeup

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

When makeup, should pay attention to three points:

1, mm have to be prepared well, makeup, don't find the makeup again, it's late

2, when the makeup, lightweight, fast product is preferred.

3, makeup four artifact: tissue paper, cotton stick, Concealer, powder puff.

Makeup review

1, sweat and sebum gently with a paper towel to absorb

2, press gently with a cotton stick of pores is more prominent parts

3, for the gradually revealed a small dark circles and acne, Concealer pen we choose to deal with it, and then pressing gently with your fingertips to make it fit better with makeup.

4, playing gently with a puff in the face with a layer of loose powder, clear, thin is the key.

Eye makeup articles

1, wipe gently with a cotton since the beginning of the inside corner smudge eyeshadow

2, with a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of liquid Foundation, in the lower eyelid gently push, so you can make the connection of eye makeup and facial makeup more natural.

3, under the eyelid using Pearl color eyeshadow

4, then brush a layer of mascara, you can make the eyes appear bright and energetic

Lip makeup article

1, use paper towels to wipe lips lipstick

2, use flesh colored lip liner out perfect lips

3, the last with a transparent layer of lip gloss, lip gloss is increased.

Above is a quick makeup tips. When the makeup when you want, try these tricks, they will let you have the perfect makeup in a short time. Small series I would like to remind you that make-up should not only have good makeup tips, there should be some quality of cosmetics. According to your skin type and choose the right cosmetics, makeup can be more perfect. Love you, come and learn some makeup tips.

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