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Naike·Lai·Fu Ear: The Secret Of Silky Skin And Skin

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Famous makeup artist Paris naike·Lai·Fu ear has a deep understanding for the make-up, I think that makeup is an art, is a symmetry of the art of painting color, flawless skin.

Tips: makeup should be taken to ensure colour uniformity and smoothness of the skin.

When a specific operation, you should try rubbing in Foundation on the back. Then with a small sponge in the nose, cheeks, Chin, forehead and neck and other places to put Foundation. Then carefully spread Foundation with a wet sponge, from the Middle outward until the Chin of the face and hair. And eyelids, and place gently on the temple Foundation. Be careful not to ignore the skin below the Chin. If the skin is not smooth, rugged, dark circles and the blood vessels to dilate, and when the skin to become red, light repair creams on the need to clean, to cover the spots.