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Xialuodianni·feile: Natural Makeup Makes Skin Glows With Natural, Fascinating Textures

SINCERE GROUP LTD. | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Character make-up of the European make-up artist xialuodianni·feile design is fashion, gentlemen. This faint, light the "no makeup" fashion, the exhibition reveal skin's natural texture, modern women more elegant and generous.

Skills: color of eyebrow makeup can modify sketch, eye makeup, Foundation select and apply blush and lip makeup has been well reflected. Tips on eyebrow modification to the simple first. Modified only in accordance with the original eyebrows a touch of paint, no longer have to deliberate modification. Eye makeup with emphasis on eye shadow and eyeliner. Usually painted from top to bottom with a black eyeliner pen eyeliner; in between eyebrows and eyelids put on lighter colors eye shadow, and then draw a little Flash in the insides of the shadow to highlight. Curl eyelashes, painted little brown mascara makeup for makeup plays a very important role as a whole. Natural makeup is not the pure undiluted natural colour, it should be pure, natural, so you should try to use close to skin color, light liquid Foundation. Makeup, makeup sponge wet with a lotion, then poured the Foundation directly on the sponge, sponge evenly open Foundation, produced the feeling of light and smoke. In face with Rouge and face shape when adjustments are made, be sure to use large blush brush, Rouge playing on both cheeks, brush out the natural color. Should be close to the lip color lipstick. When applied, first wet the lips, and then use the nearest natural lip colour lip liner paint, finally coating lip gloss with lip brush or fingers.